Premo Inductive - Passive Components, the Premo Group (Grupo Premo,.A.) is a Spanish holding company consisting of five 5 different business units which develop, manufacture and sell products and solutions in the inductive component business. The new V-igbt based modules are available in three different sizes, a total of eight different power classes and three switching topologies, with rated currents of 150A to 600A. Also, two windings are connected in such a way that the magnetic flux induced by the operating current flowing in one winding is opposite to the flux induced by the current flowing through the another one, that is to say, both fluxes cancel each other. Eine Software entschlüsselt den QR-Code und führt Sie direkt auf eine Webseite - so brauchen Sie die Internetadresse nicht einmal zu kennen, um sie zu erreichen. With this agreement, the Spanish company expects to increase its sales volume in these areas up to 2 million euro in the next two years. The Semitrans modules are available with Fuji fifth-generation V-igbt chips as an alternative to igbt4 chips. PPI are well known in the industry and, working very closely with semikron, will, I am sure, prove to be an excellent supplier to you. We are however mindful of the longstanding objective semikron has, of supporting all of our customers, from individual users through to OEMs. The chokes are based in a toroidal core and they are mounted in boxes or bases facilitating their direct assembly in the printed circuit board. We can offer different formats and sizes in order to cover all the necessities in the electromagnetic compatibility field. A global network of sales offices and manufacturing centres guarantees fast and competent worldwide customer support and service. Unsere Grafik zeigt die drei simplen Schritte. The very low 15nH module inductance offers two advantages: 50V higher DC link voltage than in competitor modules, due to the lower switching over-voltages; plus faster and softer igbt switching producing lower switching losses, boosting overall efficiency. QR steht für Quick Response - mit einem Schritt kommen Sie schnell auf eine Webseite.

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Premo Group - Grupo Premo Inductive Components - Grupo Premo China Manufacturer, Inductive Components Premo,Active Components,Other Active Components,Spain Premo ; Sign in Buy 0 item item(s) 0 item 0,00. Severo Ochoa 47 - Parque Tecnologico de Andalucia 29590 Campanillas, Malaga - Spain. TP0502CAP - SMD Transponder Coil CAP.4x2.8x2.9mm 5 125kHz; TP0602 Micro SMD Hard Ferrite Transponder Inductor (2.38mH - 9mH). Premo Group, with more than 45 experience years, is the main Spanish inductive components manufacturer, one of three main Spanish electronic components exporters and they are a world leader in low frequency rfid antennas. Premo Group is a world class company designing and manufacturing inductive components, premo wide range of products as rfid transponder coils, EMC filters, Inductive Components, current transducers cover most demanding. Premo Group - companycontacts Premo in Canada with its Inductive Components Premo Current Transducers HCT s families receives Premo Inductive Distributor IBS Electronics, Global Premo Group Appoints Power Product As Distributor For Premo Inductive Distributors IBS Electronics Premo Group, description: premo is a Spain-based company engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of electronic components with special focus on the growing market of H EV, and market segments including automotive, telecommunications, and industrial electronics. Premo has arrived to support them with their new series of components focused in environmental protection and energy saving. We focus on what our core customers want to obtain from a single inductive component from the point of view of efficiency and power losses.

ideal partner; the synergies between the existing PPI line card and premo products are substantial. This allows to use high permeability cores so that high inductance values are obtained. M, about PPI, for more than a quarter of a century Power Products International Ltd. Custom designed, general Application ICs, transformers, applications: Electromagnetic compatibility : The electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of an electronic device to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment (Inmunity or Susceptibility) without disturbing other equipments (Emission). Some types of capacitors (X capacitors) and single chokes are suitable for suppressing the differencial mode interferences. Semitrans 3 and 4 modules are very low-inductance modules with a module inductance of just 15nH. Headquarters are located in Barcelona, while we have R D facilities and factories in Málaga (on the Costa del Sol, Spain Tanger (Marocco Wuxi (China, near Shanghai as well as in Barcelona(Spain). An interference source generates two kind of electromagnetic interferences: conducted emission, electrical noise through the lines, or radiated emission, generation of electromagnetic fields. Therefore, the problem of core saturation is solved. This process has seen a new central European warehouse set up twelve months ago, and the implementation of direct deliveries to customers where transportation costs are economical. PLC Products, rFID Components, rFID Systems, inductive Components: Chokes. In addition to the existing Semitrans modules with igbt chips from Infineon, Semitrans modules now also are available with V-igbts from Fuji, offering a blocking voltage of 1200V. Products: EMC Filters, inductive Components. A new low-inductance 1200V igbt module series, for use in AC/DC converters in the 20 to 300kW power range, has been introduced by Semikron. Semikron see PPI effectively as an extension to our sales team and will support them in every way.

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The typical igbt switching speed of 5000A/s results in a module overvoltage of just 75V. Common Mode Chokes, the closed core topology and the windings distribution make these components especially suitable for the common mode noise suppression. In order to choose the suitable interference suppression component, the way in which the interference is propagated needs to be known: The electrical noise which comes in one line wire and returns to the noise source through the other line wire is differential. The main competences are designing, manufacturing and supplying standard or custom made inductive components for the electronics market. Competitor products produce on average module over-voltages of between 90V and 125V. The modules come in single-switch, half-bridge or chopper topology for inverters in industrial drives or any other application area. At lower frequency ranges, the EMC components are used to reduce conducted electromagnetic interferences, to assure the good devices working and to comply the legal regulations. About premo, premo Group was founded in 1962 and employs 500 people worldwide. Semikron has seen significant growth over the past two years, both internationally and in the UK, and consequently have reviewed how best we can service our customers with regard to stock and material logistics, faster lead times plus product support. Premo Group, the major Spain based manufacturer of Inductive Components, EMC Filters, and Planar Transformers, announces the appointment of Power Products International Ltd as their exclusive Distributor for the UK and Ireland. When the common mode interferences have to be reduced, the common mode chokes and Y capacitors are used. To ensure the continuity of this goal, we have appointed Power Products International Ltd (PPI Ltd) as our franchised UK distributor. With a focus on engineering support and a dedication to Customer Service PPI have a loyal and expanding customer base in the UPS, Traction, Drives and Renewable Energies sectors.

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premiata group premo inductive components He added I am convinced that our partnership with premo Group will benefit both companies as the UK market recovers. (PPI) has been at the forefront in Power Semiconductor Distribution and Power Semiconductor Assemblies. This kind of interference is the common mode noise (asymmetrical interference). Due to the mechanical configuration and parasitic capacitances, a current with the ground circuit can be created. These components can be installed in the interference source or in the disturbed device.
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